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Clean room Weighing Booth
Clean room Weighing Booth Clean room Weighing Booth

Clean room Weighing Booth

Product Attributes :

Clean room weighting room

Applied to dust control to prevent cross infection

Product Description


1 The clean room weighting room provides a self-circulating negative pressure clean micro-environment. widely used

in the biopharmaceutical industry. This system can be used in the weighing or taking of pharmaceutical raw materials.

During the sampling process, cross-contamination is prevented and operator safety is protected.

, the weighing list provides a high-level clean working environment and negative pressure without leakage

operating area. Effectively filter out production or biological operations

Harmful dust or infectious virus.

3 The weighing list can provide explosion-proof and anti-wear models, which can be used in various hand

Miscellaneous conditions. The unit adopts modular design, which is convenient for installation and transportation

Clean room weighing room

Diversified filter function segments: the weighing hood consists of the primary filter segment, the middle filter

High-efficiency filtration section, high-efficiency filtration section, activated carbon adsorption section, chemical action

It is composed of functional segments such as segments, providing a variety of gas filtration forms, including fiber

Dimensional filtration, physical adsorption, chemical decomposition, etc.

Circulating airflow or unidirectional airflow mode, when used during machining operations

When organic solvents or harmful fumes are generated, a one-way airflow mode is required Mode.

The high-efficiency filter section is used to filter the tiny suspended particles in the gas with small particle size

to 1um. Filtration efficiency up to 99.99995% @mpps (U16,EN1822) After this section of filtration, the outlet gas

can reach more than 100 grades of cleanliness. net rating.

The heat generated by the weighing hood can be dissipated by the additional cooling coil,

The touch screen display can monitor the airflow speed of the weighing hood conveniently and effectively.

It is transported in modules and installed at the user's site.

Every one product provides a test report, and the on-site test includes:

Filter integrity testing, dust particle counting (air cleanliness testing)

downdraft and

-Performance detection, external exhaust flow velocity and flow inspection, contaminated area inspection,

Noise Test, Illumination Test, Electrical Security check.

Can provide a complete set of DQ/1Q/0Q verification solutions, and assist the owner to test implement.


  • Cross-contamination control through negative pressure environment option.

  • Full unidirectional airflow provides superior aseptic work zones.

  • Fully welded single-piece SUS304 internal chambers with rounded covered corners.

  • Clean interior and exterior finishing.

  • GMP modular design with minimized joints and seams.

  • Gel seal HEPA filters, HEPA/ULPA gel sealed design is better than conventional gasket sealed.

  • Dimensions are customized to suit process requirements.

  • All components meet or exceed applicable safety requirements.
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