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horizontal laminar flow

Horizontal flow cleaning work is widely used in scientific research and production departments that require a partially clean working environment, such as electronics, defense precision instruments, meters, biopharmaceuticals, food, sterile microbial testing, plant tissue culture inoculation and other industries.

It is a highly versatile air purification equipment that provides a local high-clean environment. Its use has a good effect on improving process conditions, improving product quality and increasing yield.

Feature description:

◎ Cleanliness CLASS100 complies with ISO1466-1 international standard

1. Casters with brakes

2. Primary filter

O Horizontal manifold, open countertop, easy to operate

4.Control switch

5. High efficiency filter

◎Using an adjustable air volume and low-noise fan system to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in an ideal state

7. Mesh diffuser 8. Transparent glass

◎The steel plate of the box body is electrostatically sprayed and bright and smooth, and the operating surface is 304 stainless steel

3. Centrifugal fan

6. Stainless steel surface

9. Clean fluorescent lamp

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