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 24x24 Inch pleated filters Merv8 pre Air Filter
 24x24 Inch pleated filters Merv8 pre Air Filter  24x24 Inch pleated filters Merv8 pre Air Filter

24x24 Inch pleated filters Merv8 pre Air Filter

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Product Attributes :

Galvanized Steel Pleat Support-Prevent Rust- How many pleats have you seen with rust flaking off the grid.The HD expanded metal pleat support grid is made of galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance. The metal grid maintains pleat shape and prevents fluttering in operation. Consistent pleat shape minimizes resistance and improves dirt loading characteristics throughout the life of the pleated-air-filters. 

Product Description
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)                                                   
Warranty:1 year
Type: pleated air filters     
Color: Shown  or Custom made                                                                          Material: Filter Paper
Package: Neutral Packing                                                                                  Service: ODM                          
Sample: Available                                                                                                  Size: Standard size
  • 100% Adhesive Application-Ensures Filter Integrity- The inside of the die cut frame is completely coated with adhesive to ensure a solid bond at all points of contact. The die cut boxes are bonded to reach other. The media pack is sealed inside the frame and the pleat tips are bonded to the diagonal support members.

    Pleated air filters Advantages:

    • Excellent prefilter for higher efficiency filters

    • Excellent primary filter to prevent dust build-up on heating

    • an cooling coils, fans, and ductwork

    • High-loft synthetic media

    • Four Efficiencies range from MERV 6, MERV 7, MERV 9

    • 1″ , 2″ and 4″ models

    • Premium performance and construction

    • For simple storage, installation, handling and removal

    • Each filter includes a label tested efficiency, pressure drop, rated airflow

    Pleated air filters Parameters & Material:

    - Frame: Die cut cardboard / Aluminum / Galvanized steel

    - Media: high lofted synthetic fiber

    - Gasket: Neoprene ( available on request)

    - Max.Constant Temperature: 80ºC (170ºF)

    - Recommended Final Resistance: 200Pa ( 0.8″ W.G)

    - Flammability: UL Classified

    Relative Humidity: 100%