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We have DOP, PAO, and MPPS testing equipment, each piece will be fully tested before leaving the factory

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Our products are widely used inlarge-areaclean environments in ULSImanufacturingplants,semiconductor manufacturing plantsultra-clean laboratories,research roomselectronics,medicine,food,and otherindustries.


The A-level traffic produced by our companv is cost-effective:

1. Different metal materials (such as stainless steel) can be used for the outer frame.

2. The assembled centrifuge has a variety of models to choose from, and it hasthe characteristics of low noise and low energy in actual work.

3. Choose a good anti-static plastic heavy curtain, which has the characteristicsof good anti-static effect, high transparency, good flexibility and not easy todeform and age.

4.Applicable to local decontamination level requirements of Class 10-100(US Federal Standard 209E).




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